Who We Are:

Bursting from the vibrant heart of South Florida, we’ve honed our craft in a whirlwind of music festivals, events, and diverse cultures for over 15 years. Now, we are North America’s leading experts in mobile digital billboards, delivering eye-catching campaigns that stand out and make a mark.

We’re a family-run business, bursting with integrity and flexibility, and we’re thrilled to have a history of successful businesses to our name. We put our hearts into creating campaigns that make a splash, and we’re passionate about giving every client top-notch service they’ll remember.

Our Experience

Over the last 15 years, Mobile Media Truck has grown tremendously as an outdoor advertising agency, executing thousands of campaigns for small businesses, politicians, health and government organizations, energy drinks, singers, restaurants and many Fortune 500 brands.

The Mobile Media Truck Difference

Imagine your company’s message on a dazzling LED Digital Billboard, reaching exactly who you want, when you want. It’s a game-changer in the busy ad world, and we’re stoked to help you nail it. Let’s drive your message home, together!

National Coverage

Mobile Media Truck has the biggest inventory of digital advertising trucks across the country in key markets including Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, New York, California, Florida, Illinois, Washington D.C. and many more. Because we are mobile, we can cover any city and reach areas where other forms of media are limited or not available.


Get ready to grab attention! Our custom mobile digital trucks are not just vehicles, they’re your roaming billboards! Equipped with a booming audio system and three large, bright LED screens, they’re ready to showcase your ads. Whether it’s still images, motion ads, video or even live streams, we’ve got you covered in style!